Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Time To Celebrate Christmas With the Festive Season Around the Corner


Advent Wreath

Once a year we celebrate the season of the darkest night and hope of light.

But the story begins four weeks before that when we lit the first of four candles on the advent wreath. And though the modern Christmas wreath might be quite “young”, traditions of a similar evergreen wheel and a wheel with candle are known to us since ancient times.

But how is that we still honor this tradition?

Evergreens show us the life that lasts despite the cold and darkness. And as year comes to its end, sunlight goes on its retreat. But the circle reminds us of the true nature of time: that it has no beginning no end. And the last day of this year, just carries the first day of the next.

Christmas Lights

On the darkest hour of the deepest night a single candle can warm up heart.

Celebrating light and life might well be the oldest of the Christmas traditions. Using candlelight and fires in particular is common among all winter season celebrations as in history, so nowadays near 20th Dec, on the winter solstice; night becomes the longest of the whole year.

So why celebrate light in the darkest time?

The answer might be that the midwinter night, while drowning everything in darkness, frost and death, gives us the best chance to realize the true value of light, hope and life.

Christmas Tree

There grows a tree green in summer, green in snow, generous to all who go.

Bringing an evergreen tree home and decorating it with stars, apples, lights and angels is a century’s old Christmas tradition. But even before that, people all around the world would celebrate and decorate living trees in nature.

But what does the evergreen tree mean to us?

The color of an evergreen tree would give us joy and a hope of life-even in the coldest of winters. Trees were giving us warmth, shelter and food since the dawn of time and a tree was often seen as a symbol of the world itself. And maybe that’s why we decorate our Christmas tree so passionately with many lights, tinsels and ornaments. So our world would also be full of light, joy and life.

Christmas Bells

Rejoice in the sound of Christmas bells, for the light has found its way to us and the darkness must stay in the past.

Bells announce coming of many great events and at the same time they are believed to drive evil force away. Tradition of Christmas bells calling a new life is known to us since we celebrate Christmas itself. Many of us remember the sound of inviting the Christmas bells as one of the earliest memories. One that would still give us joy no matter how old we are. When we hear its joyful sound, no worry, no darkness dwells in our hearts, only gratitude and happiness remains.

Christmas Presents

The joy that you give to other is the joy that comes back to you.

Giving and receiving gifts in the winter season and during Christmas is a thousand years old tradition, although the form and even the exact date would not always be the same. These gifts might have been more practical or symbolical in nature, but they were always precious and valuable.

Giving gifts is a noble habit, but why is Christmas the best time?

As year comes to its end, we are being confronted with our deeds of the past year. We remember the things and people we are grateful for, and so Christmas become the best time to express our gratitude, perhaps by presenting a gift to someone dear.


Seeing into hearts of people with wisdom-giving, from his midwinter realm

There has always been “Santa”. He may have different names and wear different outfits, but he has always been personifying the spirit of Christmas: giving us hope and bringing light in the darkest season of the year. There is a legend of St. Nicholas, a bishop, who supplied gold to three girls and placed it in their stockings. But there are more legends that precede even St. Nicholas.

So then who is Santa?

One thing we can be sure of is that he always was with us on Christmas. Giving gifts and helping us with his wisdom according to our needs: A true spirit of Christmas!

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