Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Is Internet Really Safe?

The answer to this question is ‘YES’ but only if you adopt some basic things and use the Internet safely. Now days, hackers have become smart and they try new hacking schemes to fool you. So being safe from these stuffs is quite important especially while using the Internet. People used to surf unknown sites and download different things from Internet without safety. But this can create lot of problems for them particularly when they access some secure and important sites like net banking from the same computer. Just think what will happen if those hackers will get the passwords and other personal details of those secure sites? Our system can easily get infected from unknown downloads and harmful sites. So preventions are always better than cure.

 Here are few points which might help you with safe and secure browsing.
  • Never use important sites on public computer
People always used to use public computers like accessing internet from cyber cafes. Well, I would never advise you to access your important sites from such public computer. Those computers are totally unknown for you and can have any spyware and virus which can collect your personal information like password for those important sites. Use important sites only on your personal computer so that you never face such problem.
  • Choose a better Antivirus
Well, these days almost everyone uses antivirus to keep their system clean. As we are talking about Internet right now, it is better to use the antivirus which is also providing security for the infected sites and mails. As all antivirus provide such facility, some are only limited to scan hard disk, flash drive and other things. But better choose antivirus which also provides security for our Internet work which will give us safe Internet experience.
  •    Be careful while using unknown sites and unknown downloads
This is quite common mistake which can cause unwanted troubles to your PC. There are many people who never think before using unknown sites and downloading unknown stuffs. But this is the most important thing to take care of. Some infected sites can easily destroy your computer by plugging virus or spyware in it. Same goes for unknown downloads. Some unknown downloads or pirated software can easily create a fuss in your system.
  •  Keep your system Firewall on
Firewall is an important tool for being safe from the unwanted things from the Internet. During installation process some software can tell you about switching off the firewall, be careful on such downloads. If you think they are secure than better switch firewall on after installing process. Firewall keeps track if some software from our computer or site which we are surfing trying to access our computer unauthorized. Firewall is a protecting shield for your computers.
  • Installing unknown toolbars and extensions on your browser
Many people download some unknown toolbars and unknown extensions on their browser. Installing such things means we are allowing them to access our data. I mean some of them can track your internet activity for that browser. Keeping all this in mind, surf securely without those unknown stuffs on your browser.
Following these basic rules and ideas you can easily make your Internet experience safe and secure. Hope it will help you browse secure.

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