Wednesday, 15 August 2012

VSupport celebrates 15th August !!

Celebrating Freedom!!

The VSupport teammates spent quality time with each other and celebrated the spirit of freedom and patriotism on the special National festival of India, Independence Day!
Dressing up in the colours of the National flag and displaying brooches carrying the National Flag lent the atmosphere a patriotic feel! Decorating the whole work place in the tricolor theme was the special attraction of the day coupled with a Rangoli Competition wherein the winners were awarded cash prizes!   
The techsmarties at VSupport played an ‘Antakshari Competition’ and the atmosphere was transformed into a heartwarming fun-n-frolic session!
The feeling of being an Indian at heart is one where inspite of being diverse in respect to caste, creed, religion or region; every person is a human at heart and always stands united with his fellow beings, in times of need!
I; at VSupport, posted this small article because I want you all to read it and share our spirit of being free! Freedom is invaluable; we should use it sparingly, compliment it with the related duties and respect it with all our heart! Happy Independence to you all out there, my friends!!

The company VSupport has its Headquarters in the US but employs Indians in its workforce! The techsmarties at VSupport are very much Indian at heart; working round the clock and in all conditions to provide technical assistance for PC problems to the customers in the US, Canada, Australia and very soon they will be even connected the citizens of New Zealand and South Africa too!
VSupport not only offers you real-time dexterous solutions for all your intricate digital problems but also assures trusted assistance for all your queries. Whether you are a home user or a business holder; whether you own a PC or a laptop, VSupport is always there for you!

VSupport helps you and your PCs celebrate your Independence from Viruses!

A note:  
Rangoli is a decorative design created by using fine, coarse, coloured powder and is usually displayed at the entrance of a household on special occasions in India!
‘Antakshari’ is a rapid-fire round game of songs!

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