Thursday, 19 July 2012

VSupport LLC: Organization Where Bulk Is Equated With Quality

In considering the quality of employees, quantity becomes a central issue where VSupport has handled it very well. VSupport LLC has one of the biggest quality teams among the online tech support companies.  We have a big team of around 20 members for the real time quality check; quality sales team and quality tech team. Quality services are the prime motto of VSupport LLC.

Quality monitoring is helping VSupport drive consistency in the services we offer and enables continual, rolling improvement. An improved service gives VSupport a greater customer satisfaction and ultimately helps retain long-term profitable customers. For VSupport agents, quality parameters redeem effective and factual feedback on their performance and data-based evaluations are used to give training and direct coaching to improve performance. 

The most important factor of VSupport is to generate quality service at any cost. VSupport quality team undertakes the analyzing, report making and the auditing process to make a quality management. Quality check team has also provided valuable feedback to our campaign. Staff support is always provided through interventions such as refresher and formal skills training, and development and action plans to improve advisor performance, always with the aim of improving the customer experience and achieving VSupport business objectives. VSupport’s effective quality management is not just managing agent performance at sales and tech but is also helping VSupport place the customer experience at the heart of our campaign which in turn generates far greater results. 

Quality Parameters that VSupport focuses on are:
  • Soft spoken skills
  • Program-specific skills
  • Product-knowledge process
  • Program compliance
When monitoring such quality parameters, the quality team plots out trends and improvement opportunities such as:
  • Deviations from post training and script delivery which can then identify post improvement activities
  • Agent-specific deviation trends
  • Identify best practices in effective calling delivery
  • Data accuracy
  • Product and process compliance
VSupport follows regular monitoring, support; feedback and training all helps in maintain high company standards. Feedback from the monitoring process is prime objective, using a method of scoring and evaluating that is fair and agreed by all in advance, and it is done consistently and regularly. Feedback is delivered one-to-one, remotely, or via group sessions where advisors share and spread best practice. Whatever method is selected, the important thing is that there is an opportunity for individual advisors to contribute to the discussion. Once milestones are agreed and set, they are kept to, built on and progressed. VSupport rewards high-quality work according on the monthly performance.

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